End-to-end procurement and contract management services in Ghana.

BEFT Engineering provides your business with global procurement and contract management services. We design & manage your sourcing process, negotiate & recruit suppliers and execute all your procurement and contract services. We work in an end-to-end fashion, which means we stay with you from start to finish.

We have worked with businesses from multiple industries including:


Agriculture (fertilizers, agro chemicals)

Commodities (Tyres, Tiles, Boards etc..)


Pharmaceuticals, Health Care & Life Sciences

Non-profit, Education & Government

Hospitality Services

Why we are different

1. Specialised services

We use a unique approach for each business. We don’t do one size fits all for our projects.

2. Rich expertise

Our technical expertise is broad and deep. We bring combined experience and expertise from Europe, Asia & the Americas.

3. Extensive Network

We are constantly learning and sharing with other experts in the industry. Which gives us access to the best suppliers & solutions in the industry.

4. Business Focused

We focus on pushing your business to sustainable growth through collaborations with the right partners & suppliers.

5. Transparency

We don’t take commission from suppliers. This allows us to provide unbiased and transparent recommendations that are the best fit for your business.

How we work

Design & Management of Sourcing Process

We investigate the needs of your business and create a process that works best for you.

Supplier Recruitment & Management

We identify best-fit suppliers, evaluate proposals, negotiate supplier terms, and develop a list of recommended options for you.

Contract Management

We stay on to manage the relationship with your chosen contractor after you have awarded the contract.

Clients we’ve worked with

Skylight Square

Ashanti Gardens

St. Agnes Court

Spintex mall

Some of the goods we have procured

Generator Sets




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